4th task - Hans Marius

So not that my traveling is over, what has i learned about this experience? I has been beautiful. I learned about the Maori here the other day, and they are a very beautiful people, with a wide range of culture. A long, long time ago, they came to New Zeland by boat from Polynezia. They lost alot on their way to a better life, but they aventually made their way to NEW ZELAAAAND! The land of oppertunity and death? English settelers later came along an killed alot of their people. AS of today, there are about 670 000 Maori people living on New Zeland, and they are fading away. 

"THEIR CULTURE IS QUITE COLORFUL" is not what i said, but allmost. they have a dance of war, that they call Haka, and it is brutal. It tells their enemy that "MAN! You are fucked". and it strikes fear into the enemys souls. Then on the other side, they have this thing called Hongi, and it is when you put your forehead (that's what she said) and nose agains another persons forehead and nose. It is used for greeting, and was inventet out of kising. kissing is Love, and Hongi is not far from it. They are a bit of a fan of tattoos. But in their culture, it is called Ta moko. It is facial tattoos. it is usually done with chiseles witch leaves the skin with an un-even texture, and they fill it with ink. It looks realy fucking BADASS!

I would like to say that New Zeland is a pretty wierd country, but i like it. It's nice.


4rth update with your homeboy

Weeeaats up boys and girls. This is the one and only Dennis. Your homeboy speaking.

Last post I talked about a thing that occurred me while we were at the bar. Something I think was worth mentioning. This other day, we did one of my biggest and most fun experiences I have had in my entire life. I absolutely love animals, where can you see animals, without having to go full safari. A zoo. We decided to head to the Auckland Zoo. They have the most AMAZING animals. We went on a slow lap around the park, so that we could see and experience everything. First, we passed the beavers and the otters. Then we saw this crazy, huge ass monkey with a flat face, really cool to see. Huge lizards, seals, more monkeys, others, and even a rhino and cheetah. That was soo cool to see. Many of these animals is a first for me to see. And then we went inside the glasshouse with turtles and other cool stuff. I also liked that the giraffes, zebras, and ostrich lived in the same cage/area. But one thing I also will not forget, the meerkats. Those were sooo amazingly cool. Especially when they stood up in a line and looked at us, I could stare and look at them for hours. Thinking about having one of those things in my home as a pet. But there were even more animals, we saw, KANGOROOS, TIGERS!!! More MONKEYS and CROCODILES. And finally, we saw some kiwis, after learning history behind the name kiwis, this was so fun to see. I advertise everyone who will be in New Zeeland to check this zoo out. You will remember it for a long time, and even further. I left a with a selfie with us in the zoo entrance, thanks for reading my update on this amazing journey.

Remember to keep stay tuned and?

Peace OUT!!!

fun times at the zoo<


4th task by John David

Hello again!

So yes and no? We didn?t find something fun to do, but I did. I went alone to a rugby match in Auckland. Dennis and Hans wandered off finding other things to do. Anyway, that is not important. The game, I have attended the coolest sports event ever. However, it was not just the game. The Haka was amazing! If you dont know what a Haka is then go on YouTube and watch a video of one. It is like that team circle position you go into before the game, where you finish by joining hands with your teammates and yell a scream. However, amplify it but a million.

Its no use trying to explain the feeling you get being in the middle of the crowd while the haka is performed. But trust me, you will be hyped for the game afterwards. I checked out some more after the game about the new Zealand rugby team. And something I didn?t think of at the game was that all the players wore black uniforms. That is the reason why they are called ?All Blacks? that makes sense. If you see a video of them with another color and wonder why they aren?t wearing black. Probably, its because they only wear black when they are the home team. Whenever they play somewhere else, they are not the ones to decide color of the uniforms.

Not much happened today aside from the game, at least for my part. When I join up with the guys I will hear what they have been up to. Talk to you later.

3rd task - Hans Marius

Oh man! I have never experienced this kind of adrenalin before! SKYDIVING!!! 

As i woke up this morning, i thought i would do something diferent other than get my coffe and go to the beach. Now that I am on New Zeland of all places, why not try an extreme sport!? I have once tried a wind tunnel in Voss in Norway that is kind of like skydiving. It was a huge fan that blew up so much air that you could glide on it. It felt just as extreme as it sounds like! it was a mindboggeling experience! I drowe out to Lake Wanaka in the morning around 09.30 AM, and i met this realy cute instructor. She had a husband, so it was a no-go. After a few lessons, we jumpet in the plane! We climbed to about 7000 feet, and I was the first to go. I could feel my stomach twitch as the dude i was strapped to (I were not allowed to jump solo because I was not a pro) said: "here we go!". he said "on three!" and then he started counting, BUT PUSHED ME OUT ON THO! It was sooo fun trembeling to the ground in over 100 mph!

3rd post from Dennis. NEW ZEELAND!

New Zeeland

After we have been here a while, I have to say I am loving this place, the culture, the people, the city, almost everything. A lot of new experiences for me. There was one thing that triggered my attention. So here?s the story. We just finished sightseeing, some shops and other boring stuff. So as usual, we headed to a bar. We all had a diet coke as usual. But here?s the deal, one guy came up to us, he said he notices we were not ?from around?. Nice guy, didn?t really look like the guy who lived in the city, more like living for himself in a cabin in the woods or something. He was like one of these persons who is really proud of their country, and wont stop talking about it. He was babbling about his life and serving the country etc. But I noticed he used to word: kiwis. I asked him what that meant. He told me it is a nickname for the people of New Zeeland. I told him I though he meant the bird, the one without wings. He laughed, and said, well it is basically the same. I raised my eyebrow looking confused. He told us to: ?listen here kids?. And told us that the people is named after the bird. It started in the first world war, where the military was called Kiwis. Kiwis, a flightless bird. Eventually the bird stuck, and they started using belts, helmets and etc. with kiwi on them. The name eventually grew and has been there since. This was the most interesting part of this trip. I had a big moment, something I don?t often have. I hope some of you readers have the same wow moments which I had. I really wanted to share this. And as always, thank you for reading, remember to stay tuned, and you?ll see me posting in a week, with some more cool interesting stuff from New Zeeland.

Peace out

3rd period by John David

I promise if I am checked on the airport control one more time before we get home to Norway they WILL find a bomb! Dennis and Hans get swiftly trough another time while I am wiped clean from top to bottom. I am considering next time putting a note on my forehead saying, ?I AM NOT A TERRORIST!? maybe then security will leave me alone. Aside from that, the flight was fine. We avoided crashing so I would call it successful.

We arrived in the capital just now and Dennis seem much more adventurous now than when we arrived at Adelaide. He flew around talking to everybody in sight. Guess the melatonin ran out this time. However, finally! A new climate. Australia sure is cool and all that, but I will not deny that the heat takes its toll on me. Norwegians, you know how it is... so getting a place that is a bit more chill is great news for me. Getting to our hotel Gourmet Stay, we have to again unpack and organize our stuff. Moreover, this time the hotel room was not as large as it was in Adelaide. So the boys got a little edgy over who were going to sleep in the bottom bed and who was getting the upper bed. After a fierce battle where Hans demolished Dennis with his karate, Hans moved to the upper bed. We had to leave the room before we get claustrophobia, so we go to a local bar to relax. There was a black piano at the bar so I sat down and played my theme songs. People didn?t really start dancing to ?FUS-RHO-DA!!!? but it was fun nevertheless. Meanwhile, our social nuke Dennis had made another friend by the time I finished playing. They talked about Kiwis wearing military helmets. INSANE FLASHBACK INICIATE! Fun fact: There is a game developer company that calls itself NinjaKiwi. And from I was little I have always wondered why this animation of a bird would appear wearing a military helmet while doing a ninja kick or have a ninja mask on. But after hearing about people in NZ being called kiwis I understood why. Therefore, I was more than happy for the rest of the evening, just because I now knew something, I have been wondering about since I was 12 but never found the intelligence to google. BUT. 99% of people probably don?t care so just forget it :p

We walked over to the mount Victoria lookout to watch the sun fall under the horizon. And I will tell you, I have never ever felt that I want to switch out Hans and Dennis with some girl more than at exactly that moment. Moral of the story is: Life gives you lemons sometimes, or two half-drunk men that reeks of alcohol. But, what?s the difference \_(ツ)_/ . I hope we find something better to do tomorrow. You will hear from me then Bye!

The Aborigniway 2nd update

I one upon a time visited an aboriginal family, but it was not "once up on a time", it was yesterday. It was a mixed-feeling experience. I watched how they struggled in the day with all the different daily tasks. It was not pleasent to watch the sick people either. They had their own type of hospital-tent with bunks that people layed in while other female doctors took care of them with their voodoo type of thing and medicene. 

Their cabbins were made of wood with soil ground. The cabbins were not made to survive a storm, and as you all know, Australia has it's reputation of strong winds and heavy rainfall. Sometimes the aboriginees have to build up their houses time after time because of heavy reinfall. I would not say that the aboriginees live a very pleasent life, and it is not all because of the invasion of their terratory, but they refuse to take part of the priviliged world where they can get healt care, and work. Because the white men took over their land, their culture and generation has decreased, and their access to rescourses has been limited. 

If i was an aboriginee, i would at least uppgrade my cabbin with a big flatscreen tv, but that is just me. Can we help them in their way of living? Or do they want help is a different matter.

2nd period John David.

Hello again!

That trip I talked about a few days ago? Didn?t go so well... Hans acted really strange ?look how they don?t have a tv, a computer, A House!? he said. Didn?t really feel too cozy about meeting Aboriginal people that way. Anyway, moving on we finally got to climb Uluru! And it was super cool the guide was nice and, and the route had an incredible view. We could almost see Norway from there :p

Also, the guide told us a lot about the Aboriginals. That the aboriginals was one of the first groups to migrate out of Africa and that they traveled east to reach Australia. I think it was interesting; Dennis however, seemed more interested in the girls in the group rather than on the guide. Hans wandered around playing hippie with the trees, I don?t know what drugs he use but I am pretty sure I want some. Since the other guys are so busy with whatever I spoke with the guide and asked more about the Aborigines. I had read a tiny bit about the aborigines beforehand, but I really wanted to know what this ?Dream? thing was. It turns out aborigine?s belief in the bible with an alternative ending. The guide told me about ?Dreamtime?, that is what they call the genesis sort of. In the west, people are more familiar with the genesis in the bible lasting for7 days and then the story goes on, but Dreamtime means when the spirits that governs the universe or something came down to earth in human form and began to create all the nature we see around us. A little crazy to wrap you head around right. It said they created the forests, the plains and the sky. I can`t say I am convinced that that?s how the world came to be. However, that explained a lot about sacred places, and why there is so much talk about white man intervening on the Australian indigenous people. The sacred places that the aboriginals have, turns out to be places called by the natives: ?Dreaming?. Dreaming refers to a place where one of those spirits of creation settled down after finishing their creation. That?s also why those places are holy for the aborigines.

I felt I learned so much from that guide, he was great guy. I think Hans and Dennis had a good time to. I also hope it was an interesting read for you. I think it was fun to get to know the aborigines a bit more. It is a shame we are leaving soon, I promise you will hear from me after we arrive in New Zealand.

a quick selfie by Uluru<



2nd period Dennis

Hello everyone, this is your main man Dennis speaking.

After I we have been cruising around Australia for a bit, I am extremely fascinated by this country. Everything Is different from what I am used to. An astonishing experience for me and my friends. A real dank adventure. This one local told me about the upcoming 26 of May. It is a day they call: ?the sorry day.? What on earth is that? It caught my attention bad, and I had to look further into it.

 So, the other day we were at this bar, and one local, stated that the day is about the stolen generation. Whatever that meant, it somehow confused me more. He introduces us to his friend that we had to meet at his home 10 minutes away. He told us a bit more. I could google everything, but what is the excitement in that? Well he told us that the day is to remember how the mistreatment of the country?s indigenous population. The stolen generation was that the Australian government, separated aboriginal, forcing them into white families, to ?whiten them.? And that the prime minister tried to apologize for the governments bad actions, this was john Howard in 1998, this apology was not successful. Later in 2008 prime minister Kevin Rudd finally apologized to the stolen generation, he said ?sorry.? Therefore, celebrating the: ?sorry day.? I had collected enough information to my satisfaction. He also told us his life story, a bit crazy one, how he has never ever left Adelaide, but maybe I will post another post about this, but it is also really long. Let me know If you want to know more!J I am like this sometimes, when I first get to know something, I must find out more to be able to relax. Hope I am not the only one ;D. remember to stay tuned for every post.

Peace out :)

1th task - Hans Marius

I just learned that New Zeland has their own indigenous people! This is wery interesting! I met some locals, and i visited a family! They talked really different from brittish, and i could hardly understand them. It was a fun experience using signlanguage for about 3 days. The food was great, the warmth was not tho. It was so hot that it was hard to sleep. But theese people also had different way of doing things, and i just had to know whats the deal with using aussie slang, and he said it was just the way they talked. I was fine by that, but it was hard for outsiders and foreigner to understand. I like to go up to the people i see in the parks and if they are kissing eachother, I like to stare at them. They usually stop and ask me "do i mind?", but I am like "No, i don't mind". This makes the real aussie come out in people, and you get to see their other side. 

1st period by John David.

Finally! Down to earth again. I hate those airport checking?s, I am always stopped and checked for being a ?possible bomb carrier?. It seems I look more like a terrorist that what I get credit for. Dennis, Hans and Me just left the Adelaide airport happy to leave the flight behind and found our hotel. 32 hours have never felt so long before, I swear. Our room at Oaks Embassy hotel is super nice. I definitely recommend taking a night here if you are around the area sometime. We finish unpacking our bags and go to the cafeteria to eat. We have to figure out how we want to go about our plans. I wish to climb Uluru as fast as possible. However, listening to has Dennis has to say trough his M&Ms, He proposes to take a walk around the city to get into ?tourist mode?.  We agree on that and go to sleep.

All I can say is Adelaide is Amazing! We just came back from an amazing trip, and everybody are exited for the next two weeks. Long story short. We were able to see most of the west side of the city, and the view from the Sky restaurant where we ate breakfast was insane. We took the tram down to the beach and walked for the whole day almost, and ended up in the lounge at the entertainment center. Dennis REALLY wanted to Disney on ice but we had to go. I hope we can walk around some more by the end of the week.

The plan for tomorrow it to visit some locals that Hans know of. He said it will really give us a picture of how insanely different Norway is in comparison to many other countries. I don`t know what to expect so I am eager to get to know more of Australia, I just hope that we can go to Uluru soon.

1st period. flight to australia. Dennis

I was exhausted. i woke up. 6 am friday morning. Couldn't sleep anymore, all the exitement is killing me. i finished packing my bags, checked i had everything, and drove my scooter to David. hans was there too. hans just got his drivers license, congrats to that by the way. we drove to gardemoen, around 8 am. We arrived 9 am to ar 12am flight. proceed to check in the bags, and go through customs. I was quite used to customs, so i am always fast. But David had 1000 things to go through, like expected, we had to wait a while before he had finished. I always love tax free, so cheap M&Ms, which is always a must when in an airport. Furthermore, we hit the cafe, and got this delicious last treat in Norway. Well the time was 1130 and it was time to board the plane. I hit jackpot and and got to sit with the window, rock paper, scissor is my game. I had my, M&Ms, fully charged, headphones, ipad, phone and DS. and was ready. The flight was estimated about 32 hours. my DS, and the whole matrix trilogy, would kill some time. quick tip: If you have Melantonin, take a portion of that, i use 2,5mg. Take that, and you will easily fall asleep, the best time consumer. Trip will fell so much shorter. But dont do this on this kind of trip because we have 2 stops. I started the first matrix film and was ready to kill the first flight.

We then arrived at London airport, we had to wait for the next flight to singaport, with about a 4 hour wait. 13 hour flight. then we arrived and wait another 5 hours to our final flight to adelaide, a 7 hour flight. the flight is a boring part. 

After picking up our bags, we hit the taxi and 2 hours, arrived at our hotel, nice receptionist, and a fine mediocre room, two qeen sized beds, and a mini refrigerator. After this we as planned, crashed in the bed instant, and slept through the day. 

Thank you for reading this far, but hungry? snickers is the best mini snack to your hungry stomach. (sponsored)

your man Dennis

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